Our research has a translational purpose to understand dysfunctions of neuronal behavior and interactions in neurological diseases, at the level of the electrophysiological signals they produce and in terms of synaptic signaling. Gilles Huberfeld

Research focus

Epilepsy mechanisms

We focus on epilepsy, characterized by chronic rearrangements of neurons and connections between them, and by interaction with lesions such as tumors. Multiscale recordings allow identification of electrophysiological signatures which provide data on neuronal dysfunctions, ranging from abnormal neuronal properties and synaptic signaling to the buildup of aberrant activities in neuronal networks. More specifically, we explore how interneurons, which normally control neuronal activities via the release of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, participate in the initiation and propagation of epileptic activities. Our data suggests that GABA mediates paradoxical excitatory effects due to chloride (Cl-) dysregulation in epileptic tissues. 

Glioma growth and interaction with neurons

We also study gliomas, brain tumors formed by networks of connected tumor cells, nested in and interacting with neuronal networks. Neurotransmitters and oncometabolites, mostly produced by tumor cells, affect both neuronal generation of epileptic activities and the division and migration of glioma cells. We assess such electrophysiological activity and synaptic signaling, working mostly on human material, recording in vivo from patients, from postoperative human tissues and from long term cultures.

Brain recording technological developments

We develop, in collaboration with other labs and companies, brain and neuronal recordings systems aiming at sampling signals with a better spatio-temporal resolution, or as wearable.


Glioma / epilepsy models




Organotypic 1m cultures

Cortex + tumor

Histology - Expression


Ca imaging - optogenetics


(medical & surgical)

In vivo electrophysiology



Cellular network / pathway


Signaling & signals



Expression studies

Neuronal & network


Extracellular (MEA)

Cellular (patch-clamp)

Neuronal Signaling in Epilepsy & Glioma 

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